SQL Server 2005 Express for Beginners Video SeriesI’d like to recommend an older, Microsoft-created video series called SQL Server 2005 Express for Beginners. Before you skip over this post, because you’re using SQL Server 2008, be aware that most of the material in these videos applies to SQL Server 2008 as well. Each video is 20 to 40 minutes long, so they go into quite a bit of detail. At the same time, they go slowly from describing databases to more advanced topics, such as stored procedures and reporting. Here is a list of direct links to the videos in the series:

What Is a Database? 
Understanding Database Tables and Records
More about Column Data Types and Other Properties
Designing Relational Database Tables
Manipulating Database Data
More Structured Query Language
Understanding Security and Network Connnectivity
Connecting your Web Application to SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
Using SQL Server Management Studio
Getting Started with Reporting Services
Building and Customizing Reports in Business Intelligence Development Studio
Creating and Using Stored Procedures
Enabling Full-Text Search in your Text Data

If you’re following this blog, you’ll notice that we’re also creating videos to help you more easily learn SQL Server concepts. Why do this if there are other video series like this one? Here is our reasoning:

  • First, when you’re learning it helps toSQL Server 2005 Express for Beginners hear the same material in different ways. So the more resources that are out there for the new user, the better.
  • The videos we’re creating are aiming for 5 to 10 minutes, which is a lot shorter than this 2005 series. Different people have different amounts of time and interest for watching videos.
  • Different videos, even ones on the same subject, can convey unique information, advice, or tricks to make them each useful.
  • Finally it can help to use the latest SQL Server product (2008 R2 at the time of this writing) for those times where there is a difference in UI or features. Also, people may never find the older video series like this that still apply if they are searching for videos on the latest release.

As we find other resources, we’ll try to share them on this blog. If you have discovered other useful learning resources, please let us know.