Learning SQL Server is a blog that focuses on the new SQL Server user or developer. Reading this blog doesn’t imply that you are inexperienced in databases and/or development. And even if you have years of SQL Server experience, it’s possible to gain useful tips and tricks from a review of the basics. So how does the focus on the new user direct this blog?

The Learning SQL Server blog:

  • Assumes no prior SQL Server or database knowledge.
  • Focuses on accelerating the ramp-up time for new SQL Server users.
  • Includes a focus on application development using SQL Server.
  • Written by several writers at Microsoft.

Like me, many of the authors work for the Microsoft documentation team. We recognize that current SQL Server content can quickly go from level 100 material to level 400. This doesn’t just include documentation on the MSDN Library. There are many excellent blogs and sites created by really smart people using SQL Server every day (and we’ll try to point you to these resources). But there is often a level of assumed knowledge that can make it difficult for someone new to SQL Server.

That’s why this blog will focus on the new SQL Server user/developer in a disciplined way. Hopefully, this focused approach will help you and others to understand SQL Server better, faster, and with less frustration.

Finally, your feedback is critical. What challenges are you having using or learning SQL Server? What other great resources have you found? Please be patient as we’re just getting started, but don’t be afraid to share your questions and comments.

Thank you!

Jason RothJason Roth

Senior Programming Writer