Updated post index (3/9/2011):

  1. Welcome to the Learning SQL Server Blog
  2. Before We Begin: What is a Relational Database?
  3. Find your Installed SQL Server Versions and Instances
  4. How to Install SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
  5. What is SQL Server Express?
  6. SQL Server Express for Beginners Video Series
  7. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Basics
  8. So You’ve Installed SQL Server…Now What?
  9. How can I open an .MDF file in SQL Server? (Attach Tutorial & Troubleshooting)
  10. How to Learn SQL Server Online (Advice & Resources)
  11. SQL Query Tutorial & Tips (Video)
  12. Understanding SQL Server Connection Strings
  13. SQL Server 2008 Express How-To-Guide Videos